Hack Hospitality – August 25, 2017

Hospitality has a huge presence in Tampa Bay and is one of the most fickle and fast paced industries today. Keeping up means solving problems quickly. Getting ahead means breaking out of the status quo. Hack Hospitality enables Tampa Bay’s Hospitality leaders to leverage technology and talent to do just that.

Hack Hospitality is a weekend long deep dive into the problems that some of the leading companies in the Hospitality industry are trying to solve. Our hackathon will bring together the best builders and problem solvers in the Tampa Bay technology community to create real solutions for challenges presented by select companies in the Hospitality industry. For companies, this means a chance to crowdsource incredible ideas, new strategies, and technology from our community.

For our participants, this hackathon is an opportunity to build valuable tech that solves real problems. You and your team will be pampered all weekend long and winners go home with huge prizes, both cash and otherwise.

For the Tampa Bay community, this means a closer connection between our industry leaders and the often separate technology community. By bringing everyone together for one impactful weekend we are facilitating the growth of a more connected region and sparking the conversations that will ripple into opportunity down the line.

We’re currently looking for sponsors and participants for this event. Learn more at tampabayhackathon.com.